Registration closed at 12 noon on 30 June 2020.
UPDATE 28 July 2020
Dear Parent / Carer,

Thank you for registering your child to sit the Gloucestershire Grammar School Entrance Test.

On Friday 24th of July, the Department for Education issued guidance:

Department for Education Guidance issued 24 July 2020

strongly recommending that all grammar school entrance tests are moved back to mid-October or early November, allowing more time for all children, including disadvantaged children, to settle back into their primary school studies before sitting the Entrance Test. Collectively, we have considered this guidance and reflected on the impact of the recent lockdown on the continuity of learning for Year 5 pupils.  We have now decided to follow this guidance and now plan to hold the Gloucestershire Entrance Test on Saturday 17th of October, (subject to approval by the Regional School’s Commissioner for the South West) rather than on Saturday 12th of September as had been previously advertised.  

Because of this later test date, parents / carers will not receive the outcome of the Entrance Test by the deadline for the submission of Gloucestershire County Council’s (GCC) Common Application Form (CAF), which is the 31st of October.  This will mean that parents / carers will have to submit their five secondary school choices to GCC without knowing whether their child has met the qualifying standard for the various grammar schools. However, GCC does allow for FIVE choices of secondary school on their CAF (2 more than some local authorities) meaning that parents / carers should feel confident about placing one or more grammar schools onto their child’s CAF, even though they will not know the outcome of the Entrance Test.  Parents / carers will also be able use any additional choices on their CAF for other secondary schools.

Please remember that the admission process is operated on equal preference. If you place one or more grammar schools at the top of your choices and your child is unsuccessful in gaining a place, then your next preference is treated as if it was your first choice. This means you cannot be disadvantaged by placing grammar schools at the top of your choices even if you later find out that your child did not reach the qualifying standard.

We wish to reassure parents / carers that the schools are working hard to ensure that our seven sites, which will host the Entrance Test, will be safe environments for your child on the test day.  To this end, we have produced a general set of protocols for the test day, which will be observed at all seven schools and are placed at the end of this letter. To allow for social distancing, each school will hold more than one sitting on Saturday 17th of October.  

Each school will also have their own individual circumstances to plan for and each test centre will send their own site-specific arrangements, along with their test day details, at least two weeks before the test. If you have not received these details by Friday 25th of September, please contact your child’s allocated Test Centre after this date.
You may find it helpful to know that CEM have officially released some additional practice material for this year, which can be found on the school websites below:
Denmark Road High School:
Pate’s Grammar School:
Ribston Hall High School:
Sir Thomas Rich’s School:
The Crypt School:

Please do not contact the schools during the summer holidays as staff are not available to answer any queries.

Please do not contact the Admissions Team at Gloucestershire County Council regarding any questions regarding the testing procedure as they do not know any additional information.  Please only contact them regarding general admission queries.

We send our best wishes to you and your family at this challenging time and wish your child every success in the Entrance Test.  

Kind regards,

Gloucestershire Grammar Schools

Gloucestershire Grammar School Entrance Test: Saturday 17 October 2020
Parents / Carers and Candidate Protocol for all Test Centres

To help ensure the efficient running of the Entrance Test, and to enable the correct implementation of government guidance on minimising the transmission of infection during the Entrance Test, the seven Gloucestershire Grammar Schools have agreed the following protocol which ALL families will be expected to abide by.

Each School (Test Centre) will also issue their own site-specific School Protocol to their own candidates according to their local context.

1. No child, who is unwell (for example, coughing, exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19 NHS COVID-19 Symptoms or whose household is self-isolating or have been advised to through track and trace), should attend their Allocated Test Centre – please inform the Allocated Test Centre on the day before the Entrance Test (or earlier) if this is applicable to your child.  A medical test will take place on Monday, 2nd of November for those children who, for medical reasons, could not sit the Entrance test on the 17th of October.
2. Parents/carers of a child coughing, or who becomes unwell during the Entrance Test will be contacted and requested to collect their child immediately.
3. Only one family member will be allowed to drop off and collect their child and no additional siblings should accompany the candidate to the Test Centre. This will help avoid large gatherings outside of each Test Centre/school. The family member must strictly abide by the relevant Test Centre’s Entrance Test protocol.
4. No family member will be allowed into any of the buildings of their Allocated Test Centre at any time.
5. Hand sanitising units will be available for use in each test room and at entry points in each school.
6. Each candidate must bring with them: a completed ID form (with a photo/image of your child), 2 HB pencils, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, snack, and tissues in a labelled, clear plastic bag.
7. Due to social distancing measures in place, each testing centre’s own protocols may mean that larger venues, such as School Halls, will be used.  
8. Wherever possible, children from the same primary school will sit in the same test room as others from their school.
9. On arrival at their Allocated Test Centre, children will be placed into their test room group forming a test bubble and will be strictly supervised from that point onwards.  They must not communicate with or attempt to be with any other child who is not in their allocated group.
10. It is not possible to accommodate requests for a particular test sitting – timings will be issued via each school’s test day details letter and CANNOT be changed.
Under no circumstances should any child, or family member discuss, or publish the content of the Entrance Test at any time to ensure the security of the Test.  This includes speaking to other children, parents / carers, other family members, their teachers or tutors.

It should be stressed that anything shared may help other candidates and could result in their child not being offered a place.

The Gloucestershire Grammar Schools   General Test Day Protocol – July 2020

If you have a Proof of Submission but have not received a confirmation email then you MUST make sure you add our email address to your safe senders and then email us to confirm that you have done this.
If you do not have a Proof of Submission then you have not successfully submitted a registration form and it is now too late to register your child for the entrance test.
If you have missed the deadline for registration you need to contact the schools directly. We are unable to help you.
It is now too late to make any changes to the list of schools you wish to share your child’s scores with.  Please do not ask as the answer will be “No”.
Should your child change Primary School between now and the test we do not need to know.  Their test answer sheet will show the Primary School you entered when you registered.  We will not be changing this.
If you move house between now and the test you must inform us and most importantly ALL the schools you included on your registration form otherwise you will not receive the information pack.
If you entered an incorrect Date of Birth or the wrong  names on your registration form you should notify us immediately.
Any supporting evidence for Special Needs / Access arrangements should have been sent to your Preferred Test Centre by 12 noon on 30 June 2020.  If you have any questions about supporting evidence you must contact your Preferred Test Centre for advice.  Please do NOT email any supporting evidence to
Service Pupil Premium:  If you have included Stroud High School among your choices you need to send evidence to your Preferred Test Centre highlighting that you have asked for your scores to be shared with Stroud High School.  If you have not included Stroud High School and you are eligible for Service Pupil Premium but not Pupil Premium then please email us so that we can correct this.  The notes on the registration form advised you to contact the schools before answering “yes” for Service Pupil Premium.
Pupil Premium - candidates from outside of Gloucestershire - you need to provide evidence to your Preferred Test Centre.  If you have any questions please contact your Preferred Test Centre.
We will email all parents by the end of July to advise them of their Allocated Test Centre. Some Test Centres are oversubscribed and it will be necessary to balance the numbers. This is done centrally and individual requests will not be considered.  This was explained in the notes before you registered.  
Please WAIT for this email.  Do not contact us.
The Entrance Test is independent of the Local Authority - please do not contact them regarding the Entrance Test.
Additional links

Test Day ID - COVID-19 Declaration

After you have submitted the on-line registration form you need to download and complete the Test Day ID - COVID-19 Declaration Form (click the link above). Your child must bring it to the test signed and with a photograph attached.   This applies to ALL candidates.

Corrections to data already submitted

If you wish to correct mistakes you made when completing the On-Line Registration Form please click the link above.  Please note we do not key any data. We process the data that you submit.  We will not change your Preferred Test Centre once you have submitted your On-Line Registration Form.  You cannot add or remove any share schools after the deadline.